Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harper fans flames of fear in desperate attempt to scare voters

Are you scared yet?


What's the matter with you?

You don't believe Big Steve when he tells you Canada is in the cross-hairs of ISIS?

Or that those would-be immigrants are all would-be could-be potential terrorists?

Or that Trudeau's going to be opening a marijuana dispensary in the cafeteria of every school in the land?


All that naked fear-mongering and you're not scared yet?

Well, your lack of fear has sent Big Steve and his number one scary-stuff consultant, Lynton Crosby, aka "the lizard of Oz," back to the drawing board.

And they've come up with this;

Yup, when you vote for the poofy pot-head, you're voting for BROTHELS IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD!

Thanks a lot!

And if that isn't scary enough, at the other end of your street, the Liberals are gonna open up an ILLEGAL DRUG INJECTION SITE!

Keep Canada safe!

Keep your neighbourhood safe!

Vote Big Steve on October 19!

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