Monday, October 5, 2015

Towel-heads of terror threaten very fabric of Canadian society

Yup, that's Big Steve's story, and he's gonna double down on it. Never mind that his vendetta against that niqab-clad woman has now suffered three straight losses at the Federal Court of Appeal.

But that's not going to slow down the Harper train for long. Nosirree, Big Steve is promising real Canadians, the old stock, that his party will change the law within 100 days of being re-elected, making the paranoid niqab ban immune from both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Oddly enough, this comes out on the same day as Harper is boasting about entangling Canada in yet another "free trade" agreement.

Now, coming from the shop floor as I do, I verily believe that these free-trade agreements have done infinitely more damage to the fabric of Canadian society than some woman in a niqab ever will.

Back in the day, new immigrants got a bumpy ride. That was true of every group of newcomers who ever washed up on these shores. Once your old-stockers had decimated the native population, the land was wide open for settlement, and the huddled masses from your overseas shitholes took the bait right quick.

You got here and you fought for a grip on the bottom rung...

That was true for the Scots and Brits looking for new pastures after the enclosures. That was true for the Irish fleeing the potato famine. That was true for the Jews fleeing the pogroms in Eastern Europe. That was true for my folks after the WW 2. That was true for Jamaicans and Sikhs and folks of every creed and colour.

But none of them had to face a government so determined to exclude them that even after the Federal Court of Appeal rules against them three times in a row, that government promises to change the law of the land to keep them out.

It's not immigrants or refugees threatening the fabric of Canadian society...

It's Stephen Harper.

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