Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Public Security Minister Erdan eases gun restrictions for Israeli Jews

That's not quite what this Haaretz headline is telling us, but everybody who is within knife-thrust distance of their common sense knows Gilad Erdan is not talking about Israeli Arabs.

Yup, we gotta ease up on gun restrictions for Israeli Jews (but certainly not for those Israeli Arabs) 'cause goodness knows, those knife-wielding kafirs are coming for the Jews, not the Arabs.

Even though they're all nominally "Israeli."

Some are more nominal than others.

Every (Jewish) Israeli deserves to have a gun to defend themselves from (Arab) Israeli stone-throwers and knife-wavers.

The Arab citizens of Israel, not so much.

Having an honest discussion about why those degenerates might be throwing stones or waving knives is of course off the table...

...and so the long journey into darkness continues...

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