Friday, October 16, 2015

The war on bikers

Those who follow these matters will be well aware that "bikers" have morphed into yet another target in the "war" that the forces of righteousness have been waging, first on drugs, and then on terror. By now it is plainly evident that these various wars have all melded into one.

That's why nobody in the mainstream media so much as raised an eyebrow last May, when in the days after the Waco Biker Ambush, we were inundated with reports of Bandito associates looting military warehouses for... oh, what was it?... machine guns?... rocket launchers?... tanks?... attack helicopters?

These stories were 100% fabricated bullshit, but they got a lot of attention.

More recently, the war on bikers has been going off the rails somewhat. The Waco cluster-fuck sprouts ten more loose ends every time the local Keystone Cops try to cover up the last loose end. Waco is a story that has been all but ignored by your mainstream media.

Of 177 persons arrested, 9 killed, and 18 wounded, it now looks like a small handful of those 177 may be charged with somethng/anything, most of the 9 killed and 18 wounded were killed and wounded by law enforcement, and the City of Waco will be bankrupt long before all the unlawful arrest, conspiracy, and murder charges against the WPD have been settled. Best coverage by far of the theatre of the absurd that Waco has become can be found at The Aging Rebel.

Meanwhile, you're far more likely to read shit like this. The Daily Beast is widely considered "alt media." It ain't. They reprocess mainstream bullshit but the grammar, syntax, and vocab aspire to a hipster factor that the NYT does not aspire to. But it's the same bullshit.

As the various wars on pretend enemies drag on, you can see cracks in the foundation. Just recently, over in Quebec, the courts threw out the last cases stemming from a major anti-Hells Angels operation back in 2009. The province spent tens of millions of tax-payer dollars building a case against the club, which culminated in 156 arrests. A few low-level guys copped to some low-level charges early on, and everything else has been tossed.

When the truth finally comes out about Waco, these big undercover operations against motorcycle clubs will hopefully be discredited once and for all.

I want to leave off on a sad but hopeful note. The local 1%er guys around here have been the Saddle Tramps since forever, and the local biker boss has been Dudley McMillan just as long.

The Saddle Tramps were all about the usual biker club stuff. Mostly it's a bunch of working dudes who love to ride and fiddle with their machines and maybe tie one on now and then. Ya, once in awhile you'll read something disturbing in the news, but you read disturbing shit about lawyers and cops and journalists too. You can't judge the barrel by the inevitable bad apple.

Dudley passed to his reward this week. Judging by the tributes on his condolences page, this "outlaw biker" was a much loved and highly respected member of his community.

RIP, Mr. McMillan.

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