Monday, October 26, 2015

Behind the scenes arm-twisting suspected as Canada Post backs away from community mailboxes

Joint-blazin' Justin is showing his totalitarian tendencies early. A mere week after the election he's succeeded in extinguishing one of the most popular public health programs in the land.

Canadian's were overjoyed when Canada Post boss Deepak Chopra announced the end of home mail delivery a year and a half ago. Like many of my countrymen, I had been lobbying Deepak for years to do away with this nostalgic backward-looking tradition. For gosh's sakes, what with pizza delivery, booze delivery, and Amazon's everything else delivery, getting the bills out of the friggin' community mailbox is pretty much the only reason to leave the house!

We're in for a long four or five years folks, if this is the way the Pothead starts... pandering to the postal workers union and depriving us seniors of the opportunity to get a little exercise.

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