Friday, October 9, 2015

Insurers to cough up almost half a billion to clean up Fast Eddie Burkhardt's Lac Magentic mess

You remember Fast Eddie.

He's the rail-road aficionado who should have stuck to running a HO scale model rail-road in his basement.

But no, he insisted on running an under-capitalized rail-road in the real world.

Along the way he was heartily applauded by the Ayn Rand set for pioneering the practice of having only one employee run a mile-long train...

Because if you had two guys in that locomotive, they'd just be distracting one another...

How stupid is that train of thought?

Anyway, that was all fine and dandy till one of his one operator trains blew up the town of Lac Magentic.

Half a billion dollars later, Fast Eddy's antics aren't funny any more.

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