Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pro sports; the hoax we love

I was one of millions who watched the Blue Jays pull their collective chestnuts out of the fire tonight.

Like, what was going on there? Is Gibbons playing serious head-games, or is he just making shit up? Warming up Price and then not using him?

See what I mean? The Jays avoid elimination, thereby guaranteeing at least one more sold-out stadium, and we act like it matters?

This is a special time of the year for sports fans. You've got your NFL, CFL, NHL, NBA all getting started or well underway, while MLB is just peaking. NASCAR is on the home stretch, as is F1 and the PGA. Every single one of those acronyms represents an outfit that's in the business of profiting from our deification of professional athletes.

Seems that faux pas by Harold Reynolds is almost getting more attention than the Jay's win. Reynolds made an offhand remark in the course of the broadcast that "Canadian's don't play a lot of baseball" or something. Ironically, it was just yesterday that I was revelling in my baseball played.

So how is it that this game I played in the school-yard fifty years ago can fill stadiums and make us feel it matters who wins?

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