Thursday, October 8, 2015

Putin attacks Iran

Turn off the news for an hour, and whoopsie, you missed another bout of Putin's aggression!

Sure, those missiles were meant for Syria...

But we all know, don't we, after being told and told and told again about Putin's plans for world domination by our mainstream news providers, that nothing Putin says is ever true.

Whereas every pronouncement from the White House or the Pentagon or the 101 bag-licking beltway think-tanks is the bona-fide gospel truth!

So what's Putin really up to here?

Obviously, with his recent invasion of Syria and last year's conquest of Ukraine already feathers in his cap, he's going after Iran next!

What I don't understand is why this would concern the Nations of Virtue? After all, we've been fantasizing about dropping missiles on Iran for decades!

So, even if those Russian missiles landing in Iran were nothing more than an accident, it's an accident that should be roundly applauded by the West.

Even if those stray missiles managed to miss any wedding parties out there in the Iranian boonies.

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