Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dump Harper? There's an app for that...

My personal inclination about October 19 is to just not vote.

That's what I usually do at election time,

It just encourages the bastards, as a certain right-wing friend has been saying all along.

But I think we have a chance to make a difference.

I like Larry Miller. I ran into him just the other day at the liquor store in Wiarton. We exchanged pleasantries.

At the end of the day, though, Larry is nothing more than Big Steves's minion in these parts.

So while there may not be an actual app yet, I'm sure some geeks are working on it. There is already a movement afoot to get an anybody but Larry thing going.

And while I'm inclined to vote for Ms. May, were I inclined to vote, this new idea of combining votes to rid the nation of the Harper scourge makes a lot of sense,

Sorry Larry...

And if there's not an app for that yet, there'll be one soon.

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