Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let's go Blue Jays; let's play ball!

Have to admit the magic of baseball pretty much eluded me from the get go.

Ya, back in my Elora Public School days we used to rush out to the playground at recess and play something called "scrub."

A little later in life I was the pitcher for my slo-pitch team in Saint John New Brunswick. We were sponsored by the brewery up the road. Man, did I ever pitch extra slow just for them!

I remember that shit like it happened yesterday!

We have a happy summer of beer and baseball... well, slo-pitch.

We get in the playoffs!

Holy shit! That means we'll probably get more beer from our sponsor!

And at this point you'll actually get a few friends and family members, so on a typical game-day it looks like there's at least a couple dozen folks in the stands.

And suddenly the guy who has been throwing the ball all year just fucking chokes!

Ya, that was me.

How you can fuck up pitching in a slo-pitch game is something I cannot understand to this day.

But I did it!

So it can happen to anybody...

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