Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who told you Turkey was heading down the terror toilet?

Things aren't going that great for the wily Erdogan these days.

The dumbfucks at the think-tank here at Falling Downs certainly saw this coming.

Turkey is a NATO member that is on its way to becoming a failed state. That's mainly because the wily Erdogan has paid way too much heed to the counsel of his NATO betters.

"Just give it a little push, and the Assad regime will collapse," they told him.

The wily but not all that smart Erdogan took his NATO betters at their word. He stabbed his former regional bestie in the back. He kept stabbing...

But, the think tankers here at Falling Downs do not necessarily deem the current state of affairs the complete disaster it appears to be.

The Masters of the Universe have been holding Fethulla Gulen in their back pocket for years...

And not for nothing.

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