Saturday, August 16, 2014

Can an elevator mechanic be a national leader?

That's not a question that we have to ask very often, is it?

National leaders pretty reliably come from the legal trades, not the mechanical trades.

Everywhere you go in the world, more often than not lawyers are politicians and politicians are lawyers.

That's why this story drew me back for a second look.

Seems our new bumboy in Iraq used to be a elevator mechanic in London.

That can cut several ways.

In the first place, Al-Abadi would, having been an elevator mechanic in London, be able to instantly differentiate between shit and shinola.

The elevator either works or it doesn't.

You can't bullshit the fact that the elevator ain't running when the elevator ain't running. Haider knows this in his workingman's soul.

But Haider is in the big leagues now.

Will he sell out or will he keep his workingman's soul?

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