Monday, August 25, 2014

Hollande the Conqueror now Hollande the Loser

Remember the glory days?

Those glory days when no less an authority than BHL announced to the world that Hollande had earned his spurs?..

Was that in Mali?.. Libya?.. Central African Republic?..

As usual, it is proven yet again that BHL is FOS.

Full Of Shit.

Not that this latest debacle will diminish BHL's standing in the intellectual salons of Paris.

France is known world-wide for having the stupidest intellectuals after the US and Canada.

Zimbabwe has a more vibrant intellectual community than France.

BHL wouldn't last five minutes in Zimbabwe without being unmasked as a total fraud...

Anyway, back to the motherland.

While Hollande may be fucked, France is not.

Due to the successes of France's education system, there remain millions of Frenchman who recognize immediately that Merkel's "austerity enema" is not the only option.

They recognize that Hollande's loss is the nation's gain.

Fuck austerity!

Go France!

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