Friday, August 22, 2014

Nations of Virtue decide Bashar al-Assad not so bad after all

Sorry there Bashar old chap; seems it was all a misunderstanding. We feel bad about the 190,000 dead in that little shit-storm we've been stirring for three years, but no hard feelings...

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond went out of his way today to deny that Britain would in any way support, cooperate with or otherwise be in league with the guy they've spent three years demonizing.

Such an outspoken denial can only mean it's true.

Meanwhile, The Independent  reports that's already happening.

And if you watched the hysterically over-the-top Chuck and Martin show yesterday you got the impression they were priming us for some big news. (By the way, does anyone besides me get the impression that Chuck may not be one of the sharper tools in the shed? His script writers kept the sentences short and the words shorter, and still the man struggled.)

So maybe when Obama gets tired of golf or there's a rainy day, he'll inform the nation, and the Free World, that it's official.

"I stand before you this evening to inform you that America faces a new challenge, and to help us meet this new challenge, we embrace an old foe. It is my great privilege to introduce our new ally in the War on Terror, Bashar al-Assad."

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