Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Harper crony hurt in Panama prison riot

Arthur Porter, left, was once appointed to head Canada's spy watchdog, the Security Intelligence Review Committee, by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Former Harper favorite Arthur Porter was seriously injured in a riot at Panama's La Joya Prison last week.

The once high-flying Porter is thankful for his bad luck, because if he didn't have bad luck these last few years he wouldn't have any at all.

Not that long ago Porter was so tight with Big Steve that he was handed the plum post of chairing the civilian oversight committee for Canada's spy network. In case you're wondering; yes Canada does have a spy network, and it mostly works on protecting intellectual property issues like guarding maple syrup recipes and rooting out fake Tim Hortons franchises in Afghanistan.

Porter has been treating himself for cancer for a few years now.  Given that these latest injuries left him in a coma, his days of treating himself may be over.

Hopefully he makes a complete and speedy recovery. Then he can come back to Canada and explain how he treated himself to $22 millions in schmiergeld on the McGill University Hospital job.

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