Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canada's foremost freedom fighter up to usual race-baiting and slander

While you don't want to help Ezra Levant promote himself any more than you have to, somebody has to take issue with his latest anti-Liberal rant.

Frankly, I've been profoundly disappointed with Justin Trudeau's mealy-mouthed adoption of official Israeli propaganda.

But Ezra certainly doesn't see it that way.

No, the mere fact that Trudeau has visited some mosques makes him an anti-Semitic supporter of terrorism.

Nevermind that when Trudeau looks at Gaza, all he can talk about is Israel's right to "defend" itself.

Shame on Trudeau for that, and no number of meet and greets at mosques will remove that shameful stain from his record.

But in Levant's world view, even Trudeau's mere acknowledgement of Canada's Islamic community is evidence of anti-Semitism.

But that's Levant.

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