Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where is the West's outrage as Poroshenko slaughters his own people?

You remember the "slaughtering his own people" meme, I'm sure.

Bashar al-Assad was slaughtering his own people, or was about to, or the thought had crossed his mind, and the editorial writers and TV pundits were unanimous in their outrage, clamouring for the Nations of Virtue to play the "responsibility to protect" card.

Gaddafi was "slaughtering his own people"... well not actually. Well, he might have, had we not stepped in with the R2P gambit... of course we don't know what he might have done, crazy maniac that he was. But thank God we got in there and saved the Libyan people.

Saddam Hussein was just a-slaughtering his people all over the place so often that it's a miracle we found so many more to slaughter when we went in there to save them. Yes, R2P is a serious obligation on the Nations of Virtue; why should we stand by and watch some tin-pot dictator slaughter his own people when we could be doing it?

Yes, it's been slaughterers and slaughterees and our virtuous meddling in joyous abundance... till we get to Poroshenko,not just thinking about slaughtering his own people, but actually following through.

And the Nations of Virtue are not threatening sanctions, not threatening no-fly zones, not threatening to invoke R2P...

The silence is deafening.

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