Monday, August 11, 2014

"Gaza war is a cash cow"

For some, the Gaza war is a PR disaster for Israel's image on the world stage.

For Palestinians it is yet more proof of Israel's genocidal intentions.

But as this story from Haaretz makes clear, the darker the clouds, the brighter the silver lining! For the lucky devils at government-owned Israel Military Industries, the latest Gaza war has been a gift from the heavens!

Operation Over the Cliff has been a godsend. Those "highly sophisticated" Hatzav and Kalanit tank shells have been a great success, as evidenced by those many images of telegenic dead babies circulating on the internet.

IMI has moved beyond "smart bombs" to next generation "super-smart bombs", which have proven themselves so smart over the past month that already there is a massive back-order to the tune of billions of shekels.

Gaza is neither the worlds largest prison nor an independent Palestinian state, but rather a "classroom" that gives IMI and other war profiteers a "marketing advantage"!

And what a timely stroke of luck that this fantastic boost to the bottom line comes just as the government is tidying up the books to privatize IMI.

See, every bad-news story has its good side; you just have to know where to look.

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