Monday, August 18, 2014

What you're not watching while you're watching Ferguson Mo.

It's been well over a week since the tragic but entirely routine execution of a young black man by a white policeman in a St. Louis suburb.

Thus far the execution and its aftermath has resulted in a total of one death, that of Michael Brown. Fatal shootings of black males by white cops historically occur at the rate of at least two per week.

So what could possibly account for the saturation coverage that has been bestowed on this entirely routine event?

When CNN and Fox and all the rest of them are devoting virtually 24/7 coverage to Ferguson Mo., they're obviously not covering some other stories.

Like the conduct of our Israeli vassals in Gaza.

Or the conduct of our Ukrainian vassals in east Ukraine.

Or the exponential escalation of America's wars in Syria and Iraq and Libya.

Do you suppose it is coincidence that news managers across the USA have simultaneously disavowed the far more important stories unfolding in the world, to focus 99% of their resources on the execution of one unremarkable black man by a white cop?

I think not.

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