Friday, August 8, 2014

Is Obama attacking ISIS to save religious minorities, or to save the new CIA base in Irbil?

You might have missed this tasty morsel at the Miami Herald a month ago. Apparently the CIA have been going all-out to complete a new super-base nearby Irbil in Kurdish Iraq, or "Kurdistan", if you will.

Enthusiasm for supporting our bumboy Maliki has been rapidly fading as his oilfields are coming under the control of the nascent Kurdish state. What better way to ensure the democratic future of those oilfields than by having a good sturdy presence in this new nation not quite yet recognized by anyone?

So it's not hard to see that the American oilygarchs who plot Washington's foreign policy would look askance at the marauding Islamists they have unleashed in the region. Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time, to arm those anti-al Assad rebels to the teeth and turn them loose on the evil Bashar al Assad... who could have guessed that they'd thank us by running amok throughout the Middle East?

We are now forced to fight ISIS, who are using American weapons to fight the Kurds, who we need to rush more weapons and ammo to so they can fight back, and in the meantime we have rushed an emergency shipment of Hellfire missiles to Maliki, because while his star may be fading, he's still our boy... and let's not forget those rush shipments of weapons to the Holy Land as they fight for their very existence against a resistance that has moved beyond stone-throwing and perfected the art of building near-useless missiles out of plumbing supplies.

The worst of days for the Middle East...

The best of days for American weapon manufacturers!

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