Friday, August 1, 2014

Harper gang wastes no time in slamming Native leaders for "excessive" pay

There was outrage across the land today as Canadians learned that the Chief of a tiny Native band in BC took home a whopping $914,000 last year!

OH MY GOD!!! There's white guys on Bay street barely bringing in 900K!

The horror!

These headlines are the result of new disclosure rules mandated by the Harper regime under the First Nations Financial Transparency Act.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt wasted no time weighing in on the scandal. He knows intuitively, without looking at any facts, that this is completely unreasonable, and expresses his hope that band members will "take care of the situation".

What is he implying? Lynching Chief Giesbrecht?

Notice how Valcourt is able to squeeze his concern for "taxpayer dollars" into a brief interview three times?

He wants to make sure that the drooling rednecks who make up Harper's base get the message that the Harper gang respects their hard-earned dollars and is gettin' tough on them thieving Indians

According to the Globe and Mail, Chief Giesbrecht makes a basic salary of $4,800 per year, which strikes me as modest in the extreme. He earns a further $80,000 as the band's Economic Development Officer, which is definitely on the low end for folks with that job title. The balance of his income is from a 10% commission he earned on a land use agreement that brought over eight million dollars to the band.

Given that hedge fund managers on Bay Street typically take a 20% commission on any profits they make, why would anyone, based on the facts available, begrudge Chief Giesbrecht a fee of half the going rate?

Because he's an Indian?

The other noteworthy fact to keep in mind is that the Kwikwetiem First Nation was one of the very few to file their financial statements by Tuesday's deadline. When other bands see how playing along with this intrusive and racially-motivated legislation results in being slandered by cabinet ministers and national media, they may want to reconsider.

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