Friday, August 22, 2014

Anti-Putinists have field day with imaginary news out of Ukraine

There's a story on view at the Wall Street Journal telling us Putin makes his move.

Yes, Putin is grabbing more of Ukraine.

The Russian troops sneaking into Ukraine aboard those aid trucks never happened, but thankfully there is a new imaginary news story afloat about Russian artillery firing on Ukraine.

That's Putin "making his move".

We understand why Putin had to go along with the Crimean people's wish to be Russian rather than Ukrainian. Those reasons certainly include that Black Sea naval base.

What nobody has explained is why Putin or Russia would have the slightest interest in "making a move" on the rest of basket case bankrupt Ukraine?

The reason for that is that those reasons don't exist.

Yes, the US and her allies fomented a coup that deposed the elected government, on behalf of Monsanto et al, but the idea that Russia lusts after Ukraine is a fiction of the highest order.

Ukraine has been economically raped into the dirt by her own Ukrainian oligarchs since '91. The fact that the Nuland-Pyatt government embraces the EU rather than Russia is a huge load off Russia. There is absolutely no reason why Putin should want to take that back.

But Ukraine is a bankrupt failed state that has spun out more billionaires per capita than virtually any other nation on earth. The reason that happened is the reason everybody is so eager to blame Putin for everything wrong in Ukraine today.

We musn't blame the patriotic Ukrainian oligarchs for destroying their country; therefore everything is Putin's fault.

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