Friday, August 15, 2014

About that imaginary decimation of a Russian armoured column in Ukraine

It's a story that's been everywhere in the past 24 hours. Check the Google News page right now, and it's still there.

Unfortunately, when you click on the VOA story, it begins with the words "No confirmation...". Obviously, nobody would like that confirmation more than Voice of America, and if they can't find it, it obviously doesn't exist.

Which means this is probably nothing more than yet another fabrication by Poroshenko and Co.

That's been a problem with Ukraine news recently. Every time investigators get too close to the crash site on the Malaysian Airliner file (remember that?) fighting conveniently flares up and the investigators are forced to retreat.

The big-talking Poroshenko was going to end this insurrection "within hours". Remember that?

Meanwhile, we've been treated to an incredible dose of hoo-ha viz. that Russian "aid convoy".

It was Putin's Trojan Horse. Yup, the Putinists were going to sneak troops across the border in that aid convoy, who would then jump out and take over the Ukraine.

I don't know how retarded you'd have to be to find that story credible, but the folks who write the editorials at the Globe and Mail actually hinted at that scenario the other day, so I guess that tells you something.

If our favourite fascists had actually destroyed a Russian armoured convoy, you can bet we would be inundated with actual photographs of the wreckage.

Surely not every volunteer in the Azov Battalion could have forgotten his iPhone at home the day of their most glorious success.

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