Friday, August 8, 2014

US declares war on Islamic State - buckle up for blowback

The Nations of Virtue have been neck-deep in fomenting the anti-al Assad insurgency from the beginning. The brave but largely fictional Syrian Free Army was supplied by the US via various middle east proxies. Volunteers from around the world flocked to jihadi training camps in Turkey and Jordan and were then spirited into Syria with the full connivance of the US.

Alas, as Bashar al Assad's "last days" became weeks, then months, and now years, it became increasingly obvious that the imaginary democratic and moderate opposition we had created in Syria had morphed into something quite different; an extremist Islamic army trained and equipped by the US and NATO. Gradually the narrative shifted from "how long can al Assad hang on", to "how long before those foreign jihadis are back in Boston, Stockholm, or London, wreaking havoc on the soft white underbelly of the West?"

However hypothetical that question may have been yesterday, it takes on far greater urgency today. The news that the US Air Force has bombed ISIS assets in Iraq opens a new front in America's war on Islam. Now that we have raised a radical Islamic fighting force, by far larger, better equipped and more competent than anything seen before, it's only a matter of time until yesterday's paranoid fantasies become reality.

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