Friday, August 22, 2014

How do you make Hamas pay a "heavy price" when the civilian kill ratio is already 400:1?

Make it 1000:1?

That Israeli four year old who today joined the hundreds of Palestinian children already slaughtered in this senseless war, is but the latest child  sacrifice to a generation of adults who are too stupid to sit down and sort out their differences.

Netanyahu is blathering about Hamas paying a heavy price. It is not Hamas that pays the price, it is Palestinian civilians, including plenty of mothers and children.

Look for Israeli vengeance to claim many more Palestinian civilians in the days and weeks ahead.

That will in turn solidify the resolve of the resistance, which will guarantee replays of this nightmare in perpetuity.

It seems obvious enough that the world has a choice at this juncture.

Keep siding with those who openly advocate genocide and have the means to follow through, as they are doing, or side with those who call for a return to the rule of law, for sanity, for humanity.

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