Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Louis Proyect; last spokesperson standing for Hillary's imaginary Free Syrian Army

You really have to wonder about the Marxism of the Unrepentant Marxist.

Well, maybe you don't. Proyect's Marxism is the marxism of the academic elite. It was never Louis' lot in life to soil his hands with manual labour. While I was wasting away in welding shops Louis was waxing wise at Bard College.

I like Louis a lot. Well, I don't know Louis, so like you I base my opinion on what I find of him on the internet. But mostly I like what I find.

He's a genuine supporter of old school American culture, especially jazz and film.

And he's got the Gaza conundrum figured out.

But when it comes to Syria, he's totally on the same page as the most vile Beltway neo-cons.

Regime change in Syria was on the target list of the neo-con crowd long before any "spontaneous protests" erupted in 2011.

Louis has spent as much time in Syria as I have, which is to say none, but he vilifies Shamus Cooke for not having read the right things.

Dude, do a little more reading.

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