Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to fake being really busy

A friend of the family graduated teacher's college a couple of years ago. It's tough times for teaching grads these days. Every school board in the land is scaling back, doing more with less, bumping class sizes up while pushing pay and benefits down.

So Buddy had the massive good fortune to land a contract with the local Greywater School Board. As always, the newbies get loaded up with the extra-curricular shit that the old shits don't want to do. So Buddy was explaining how he is the soccer coach, the rugby coach, the environment club coordinator, and the facilitator of the social justice club.

Holy shit! That must keep him busier than busy! And all that on top of a full teaching schedule!

So I was curious as to how he juggles these manifold responsibilities.

"Hey, you know, the more you do, the easier it is to do nothing," he says.

"Sometimes there'll be all four of these teams and clubs having meetings on the same day... and I'm not at any of them! The soccer team assumes I'm at the rugby meeting; the social justice folks assume I'm at the environment club meeting, the environment club folks think I'm at the soccer meeting... ya, I'm the busiest guy in the building, and I'm sitting at Timmies having a coffee and a bagel!"

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