Friday, August 22, 2014

"Putin was right" - Washington Post

It's a bit of a climb-down when the Washington Post admits that US strategy in Syria has been a failure, and that perhaps things might not be as dire had we heeded Putin's advice and negotiated with Assad instead of creating ISIS to carry out regime change on our behalf.

Of course things would have been even better had we not meddled in Syria to begin with, but it's too late for that. At the time, however, heads were bloated by the stunning victory over Gaddafi - America's first since Grenada - and the war-mongers truly believed the US was on the verge of recovering some of the glory lost in the less-than-stellar Iraq and Afghanistan adventures.

The Washington Post opinion piece does couch its praise for Putin in concern for his "aggressive meddling" in Ukraine. They might want to reconsider that sooner than later. The infamous Nuland-Pyatt "election" of Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister was certainly just as aggressive and meddlesome as anything Putin has done. In fact, throughout the made-in-Washington "Ukraine crisis" it has been Putin who consistently calls for peaceful dialogue, and Washington's flunkies in Kiev who consistently deploy the heavy hand of their military.

Perhaps in a couple of years, after thousands more unnecessary deaths, the Washington Post will inform us that Putin was right about Ukraine too.

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