Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What would Russell say?

I noticed today that the red-blue-white plaid of my shirt did not match the olive-tan-beige plaid of the shorts I was wearing.

Neither of which matched the purple socks with the skull-and-crossbones motif that I was also wearing...

At the same time!

With sandals!

Ya, crazy shit happens here in the land of the midnight sun...

What's really messed up is that while I noticed, nobody else did. No, it's totally OK up here in the Bruce to wander into the hardware store or the grocery store or the liquor store decked out like that.

I couldn't help but wonder what Russell would say.

Russell writes a column for the Globe and Mail about what's what style-wise. He knows when and if your pocket poof should match your tie.

Or your shoes.

Or if you should be sporting a pocket poof at all!

Russell writes novels in his spare time. His last one was called "Girl Crazy".

Russell may be a legit commentator on contemporary male fashion but apparently he missed the memo about middle aged dudes writing sexy stories about teenage girls.

Ya, Nabokov took that to the bank, but times have changed.

And while the only "failed" novelist is the one who failed to write one, I want to give Russell a push forward...

Dude, if I'm wearing a red-white-blue shirt and tan-olive-beige shorts, should my pocket poof match my purple socks, my shirt, my shorts, what?...

It matters...

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