Sunday, August 3, 2014

The military-industrial complex and the suicide stage of capitalism

There's certainly nothing new about war profiteering. Google "war profiteering" and you'll be taken back to the civil war. It was good business then and it's even better now.

The German Krupp munitions and steel conglomerate got a royalty for every bomb the Allies dropped on Germany in the WW2, due to the "intellectual property" they owned in munitions and steel. Obviously a state of war ramps up the sale of munitions and steel like nothing else. War may be bad for children and puppies, but it's damned good news for your purveyors of guns and bullets and munitions and steel.

Munitions and steel do particularly well when you're the hegemon who can deal the tools of death to both sides in any conflict you may succeed in stirring up. Take the Middle East for example. American taxpayers fund billions in military "aid" to Israel to permit continuous war against the resident enemy, the Palestinians. But just to be fair and balanced, America also sells billions upon billions of weaponry to Arab states in the region.

That may not be good for the neighborhood, but it's damned good news for the American weapons industry who profit from this armament proliferation.

Just recently Obama announced a new procurement plan to source half a billion in US weapons for imaginary "moderates" among the Syrian rebels. There can be no serious person who imagines that such a fiction as a "moderate Syrian rebel" actually exists. Those weapons are destined for the real Syrian opposition, which has of late been running roughshod not only over those "moderates", but over Iraq as well, and are even taking their fight into Lebanon.

It won't be long before the Islamic State is using their US supplied weaponry against the US supplied weaponry of Israel.

But even before that happens, we've got to dispatch a rush order of Hellfire missiles to our bumboy in Baghdad, so he can, at least for a little while, fend off those bad guys who are using American weapons against him.

Oy, what a mess! Looks like the only winners in this scenario are the Yankee weapon purveyors!

Yes, everything will be record profits until America's client states turn those guns and bombs on America...

At which point we will gain some insights into why this is the suicide stage of capitalism.

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