Sunday, November 16, 2014

Acts of "pure" evil vs acts of not-so-bad evil

Once again, the Peace Prize President has staked out the moral high ground. The latest hostage beheading by Islamic State is pure evil.

This would be not-so-bad evil;

That guy leaking his bodily fluids onto the floor at Abu Ghraib may have other ideas about pure vs OK evil, but nobody asked him, so let's stick to the script, shall we!

When Israel shells entire neighbourhoods in Gaza into oblivion, the word "evil" never comes up.

The Nations of Virtue bombed the most progressive country on the African continent into anarchy and civil war because it was "evil," and therefore those bombs were virtuous.

Bombs and drones in Yemen and Pakistan kill and maim almost daily, but since we're doing the killing and maiming, that's OK too.

OK evil, if you will.

But the Islamic State lops off the head of an American hostage, and there's the Commander in Chief, declaring that's "pure evil."

America may be blind to its hypocrisies, but the rest of the world is not.

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