Saturday, November 15, 2014

Putin flees G20 summit in tears after Harper reprimand

Vlad "the Hammer" has had his way with many a world leader, but he was upstaged today by the steely resolve of Canada's PM "Big Steve" Harper.

Harper told the Russian leader in no uncertain terms to get out of Ukraine.

The Russian dictator, visibly shaken, retreated to his suite at the Brisbane Hilton, but moments later his entourage released a presser announcing that Putin was making an early return to Moscow.

Once again, Canada leads the way in showing the free world how to deal with bullies. Just stand up to them, and the glaring truths of your argument will make them cower in fear.

Good work, Stephen! The free world thanks you for keeping it free a little longer!


Note to unpaid Postmedia interns; when you tackle this topic in a week or two, just throw in a bit of gratuitous anti-Putin rhetoric and you should have yourselves a payroll reference number in no time!

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