Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bwana and the Darkies; Ottawa plays hardball with First Nations

Just about everything in this story grates.

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act was an odious bit of racist presumption that subjects Canada's First Nations to a far higher standard of conduct than Ottawa itself is subject to.

The intent was to humiliate First Nations by exposing their fiscal ineptitude, their avarice, and their propensity for corruption.

The Harperites hoped that their water-carriers in the right-wing media, scum like Ezra Levant, would be able to use the inevitable embarrassing revelations as fodder for anti-Indian hate-mongering in perpetuity.

The Act has had mixed results. Overall, the First Nations have been shown to have at least as much fiscal responsibility as what we find in the political machinery of the colonists. Yes, there have been a few scandals, but overall, not much to write home about.

So now we see this "hardball" headline in the Toronto Star. The implication is that these 80 nations that have not yet bowed to the dictates of the First Nations Transparency Act must obviously be the worst of the worst!

Therefore, it's now up to Massah to play "hardball."

What a disgusting display of abusive language; the people who have all the power threaten to play "hardball" with those who have none.

And this from a government that never tires of pointing fingers at various real and imagined human rights miscreants around the world.

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