Sunday, November 16, 2014

Netanyahu reminds America that Christians and Jews are one big happy family!

And of course Muslims aren't a part of it, which must account for why they want to do us harm.

Netanyahu showed up on Face the Nation this morning, ostensibly to offer his insights into the latest Islamic State be-heading outrage. It took him all of 30 seconds to change the subject to Iran's nuclear weapons.

Unlike Israel's nuclear weapons, Iran's don't actually exist, but that's not something Bob Schieffer would bring up. That might cause an uncomfortable moment, and Bob saves those for Ron Paul. Instead, the greatest leader since Moses was basically given free rein to rant about the Islamic threat in general and the Iranian threat in particular.

He was also over-the-top in emphasising that Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel, which is going to cause some pouting in Ottawa. That was just Netanyahu talking nice for the cameras... Mitt Romney came on next to set the record straight; Obama has practically sold the Promised Land down the river, and only a Republican administration can restore the trust that once allowed the triumphalist crazies of Likud to take American support totally for granted.

As for that "one big happy family" bit, I suppose he's right. When you get right down to it, Christianity is just a Jewish cult that went viral.

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