Saturday, November 15, 2014

Canada puts the run to Islamic State terrorists!

No, it's not me making that up.

It's not even Bullshittin' Baird or Big Steve making that up!

This is the real deal, straight from US Army top dog General Martin Dempsey!

And while he doesn't spell out the specifics, it's beyond obvious that what has turned the tide in the battle against the Islamic State is the fact that those Canadian CF-18s are now in on the action.

Think about it. All you've heard all summer is ISIS this and ISIL that and OMG Islamic State is taking over the world!

Then, two weeks ago, the Canadians, known world-wide for punching way above their weight, join the fray...

And not two weeks later we have General Dempsey declaring that those ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State baddies are on the run!


Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

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