Monday, November 10, 2014

Kevin Vickers gets top Israeli award for shooting a Muslim

Yes, the accolades just keep pouring in for Kevin Vickers.

As soon as the Knesset heard he'd shot a Muslim, they unanimously nominated him for an award.

Well, it wasn't quite unanimous - those Muslim Israelis currently banned from the Knesset might have voted differently.

I think those Israeli parliamentarians might have taken a pause for thought had they realized exactly who our "Islamic terrorist" was that Kevin Vickers took down.

This "terrorist" was a white non-Arab French-Canadian, whose "Islamic" bona fides were sketchy at best. He was a disturbed young man allowed to fall through the cracks of Canada's precarious health care system.

Not to question the obvious heroism of Mr. Vickers, but when his heroism is so blatantly being turned into political capital, the honourable thing to do would be to decline the award.

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