Sunday, November 2, 2014

How Johnny Death & Co. could make F-1 relevant again

There was a Formula One race in Texas today, and I don't even know who won. Nor do I care.

That should concern the big dogs of motorsports.

I've been an F-1 fan since the days of Jimmy Clark.

The big dogs in F-1 are now spending upwards of 200 millions per season to be part of Bernie's show. They keep on doing it, so presumably they find it worthwhile.

But there's a whole lot of folks who are losing interest, and a whole lot of F-1 teams that are ready to bow out.

Here's where the Big Bernie and Johnny Death show could catch a wave; make F-1 about racing cars that DON'T run on fossil fuels.

Ban Ki-moon would be all aboard, especially after today's denunciation of fossil fuels. It's all about the global economic collapse due to climate change, don't ya know.

Nobody is better positioned to change the conversation on climate change and fossil fuels than Big Bernie and Johnny Death.

You go, boys!

Ferrari electric racer wins 2020 F-1 crown!

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