Friday, November 7, 2014

Petro "Pinocchio" Poroshenko discovers another Russian invasion

Another month, another Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Does Poroshenko not realize that every time he announces yet another Russian invasion, invasions that have proven as ephemeral as the Ukrainian economy over which "the Chocolate King" presides, a little more of his credibility goes up in smoke?

In fact, Poroshenko has cried "wolf" so many times that he's down to an audience of one, and that would be Canada's one-man anti-Putin cold war, Foreign Minister John Baird.

Every time Poroshenko issues one of his fanciful invasion reports, John Baird immediately issues a blistering anti-Putin press release chock full 'o deep concern and strong condemnations! Except Baird doesn't believe this nonsense either!

Baird knows Ukraine is broke and broken, and that Russia is more than happy to have it be a drain on the West for the next generation, instead of a drain on Russia. But Baird writes those pressers for the home crowd. The Harper gang has to win an election next year, and there'll be over a million voters of Ukrainian descent voting, most of who's forbears fled the Soviet Union in the Stalin era.

Convincing those million voters that Putin = Stalin might just clinch the election for the Harper gang.

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