Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The myth of the one percenters

There's a great feel-good story on view at the CBC today claiming that the gap between rich and poor in Canada is closing up!

There is a massive flaw in the story. The "rich" are defined as the "1%."

Apparently the cut-off for being in the 1% in Canada is now a household income of $215 k/year.

Sorry, that ain't "rich" people. That's a high school principal who marries a high school teacher.

That's a welder in Cold Lake Alberta who marries another welder in Cold Lake Alberta.

That's two Toronto cops hooking up.

That's not rich people, and this article is complete bullshit.

We live in a country where the average home price just hit $420,000. The average household income languishes in the $40 k range. When the average home is not affordable to the average household, there's trouble brewing.

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