Friday, November 14, 2014

Pot-addled pinko blogger kicked off "Before it's News"

Yup, it's true. They haven't posted one of my stories for a week.

At some level, I suppose that's a sad thing. After all, I've been with them since before they had a million stories. They're now closing in on five million.

At some other level, I'm relieved. Before it's News is a dodgy operation at best. Those who appear regularly at Before it's News will no doubt be acquainted with the magical disappearing page count phenomenon.

That's where, after you write something that's getting a bit of traction, the page-view counts suddenly go backwards. Ten minutes after you push "publish" you've got 50 page views. Ten minutes after that you've got 200. Ten minutes later you're down to 47... happens all the time at Before it's News.

Meanwhile, some whacked story about aliens abducting Jesus has got 60,000 page views. As I've said in previous missives about Before it's News, there cannot possibly be enough stupid people in America, in spite of the decrepitude of the education system, to garner those numbers.

I was somewhat reluctant to sign on with B4. The fact that some yokel I exchanged e-mails with assured me that my totally unproven theory that Jimmy Hoffa's last ride was to a salami factory didn't in any way give them pause for thought, should have given me pause for thought.

At the time, they were a click-factory that published corporate pressers as a matter of course, just to get their numbers up.

Now that they pretend to have some actual standards, they kick me out? Hey, that hurts...

But I'm over it!

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