Sunday, November 2, 2014

Harper's Triumph; Canada beats Estonia in World Bank business rankings

Every year for the past twenty years or so, the World Bank publishes a list ranking countries by the ease of operating a business there. Here's a link to their latest effort.

You'd think that with a slash 'n burn right-winger like Big Steve at the helm for eight long years now, us Canadians would be right up there with the leading wide-open-for-business nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

You'd be oh-so-wrong!

In fact, those socialistic high-tax Western European countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, have left us in their dust.

According to the World Bank, they're more business friendly than Harper's Canada, even after years of  Chamber of Commerce inspired tax cuts.

Remember that the next time you're tempted by one of Harper's tax cuts.

In case you think the Harper gang is still fighting its way back from the deep hole left by the spendthrifts who ran the joint before Big Steve got in, you'd be wrong again.

The year Harper became PM we were ranked 4th.

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