Sunday, November 30, 2014

Next steps for Gillian Rosenberg

When last we encountered "Gill" three weeks ago, she had begun building her brand by getting world wide media attention as the first foreign female fighter to join the Kurdish resistance.

That was a great start!

Mere weeks later, Gillian is rocking the headlines again!! This time she is the first foreign female fighter captured by ISIS!

Here's what she should do with this bountiful over-abundance of publicity;

  1. Stage daring escape and/or rescue.
  2. Hire PR agency.
  3. Retain agent.
  4. Negotiate movie deal.
  5. Negotiate book deal.
  6. Pump speakers' circuit for all it's worth...
Of course, that could all go for a shit in the event that her ISIS captors decide to feature her in their next be-heading video...

In which case she will at least have the satisfaction of knowing she died for a cause she truly believed in.

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