Sunday, November 2, 2014

Imaginary "Brigadier General" in imaginary "Free Syrian Army" guiding Canada foreign policy

Yup, Brigadier General Hussam Alawak of the Free Syrian Army, or perhaps the Syrian Free Army, the Nations of Virtue fiction that justifies our bombing of Syria's infrastructure, has some tips on Canada's latest me-too neo-crusader mission.

It's funny how these commanders in the Free Syrian Army rarely if ever command anything on the ground in Syria, and rarely if ever are in Syria. Nevertheless, Canada's CTV network finds his comments newsworthy.

It's even funnier that while the imaginary Syrian Free Army has virtually no boots on the ground in Syria, their rank-and-file having long ago decamped to join the ranks of ISIS or al-Nusra, they retain a shit-load of Generals and even Brigadier Generals, all living large in London or Paris or Cairo, on their US provisioned stipends.

Guess it's good to have a few Generals in your back pocket in case an army comes along that needs them...

But here's the gist of the good Brigadier General's message; instead of spending many millions on this fatuous exercise in me-tooism, Canada should be putting that money into training up moderate Syrian forces for that ground war...


Any flaws in that scenario?

First of all, check the record of anywhere in the world where Canadian police or military have been training up the locals. I'm not going to tell you how it works out; I want you to find out for yourself.

Is there, anywhere in the world, a track record that suggests Canada should be doing more of this?

Anyway, that's the advice Mr. Brigadier General of the imaginary Free Syrian Army has for Canada.

Here's the advice this humble Canadian has for Canada; why can't we mind our own business and get our own house in order? God knows there's enough to do.

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