Monday, November 3, 2014

BHL discovers anti-Semitism in Tunisia

The great BHL, the worlds leading and perhaps only international public intellectual, made a surprise visit to Tunisia at the weekend. Alas, by the time he arrived an anti-Semitic mob had gathered at the airport to wish him a speedy return to France.

When BHL cut short his visit the next day, scores of anti-Semitic news organizations and websites around the world erroneously reported that the great man had been expelled from the country, causing BHL to pen a hasty rebuttal at the ever-accommodating Huffington Post.

Not that they're at all accommodating when I'm floating them a trial balloon... but this is about the great BHL, not about me, so let's get on with it, shall we!

The great BHL was revered across the Arab world for liberating Libya, a glorious achievement celebrated in the film classic The Oaf of Tobruk, produced and directed by none other than the great BHL himself! Sadly, when the Arab masses realized the liberator of Libya was a Jew, the adulation quickly turned to blind irrational rage, which is of course not unexpected from those people.

Titled "My Weekend in Tunis: Anti-Semitic Sound and Fury," the article reveals the true reason for the visit to Tunis. BHL held a series of secret meetings with leaders of the warring factions in Libya in order to forge a peace accord. He does not reveal in his article when we may expect some results from these peace-building efforts, but expect to see his new film The Oaf of the Levant; bringing civilization to the Arab, at a cinema near you soon.

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