Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Canada's youth employment strategy; "work for free!"

That tip for building your future came from Bank of Canada boss Stephen Poloz today.

Hey sure, why not? If Ma 'n Pa are kind enough to let you stay at their place, you kinda owe it too them anyway, don't you? You could get yourself a nice unpaid internship, especially if you're a comely female unemployed youth! Word is Jian Ghomeshi assisted many a young unemployed female into the workforce, and while it's too late to take advantage of his particular generosity, there are lots of other employers out there willing to take a chance on a desperate young person willing to work for free.

Meanwhile, us half-a-million a year bureaucrats want to remind you that your government owes you nothing. Nada. Dick. Sweet FA. As a matter of fact we're upping the legal immigration quota to a record 285,000 for next year, because if you lazy ingrates won't work for free, maybe they will! And we're also full steam ahead on bringing in another 300,000 or so foreign temps, just to keep Canadian workers even more flexible.

Hey, it's not our fault they've got skills that you don't; don't blame your government that there's no job training available for you. That's not our job. That would be interfering with the private sector, and in Harper's Canada, the private sector is the engine of growth.

So off you go then! Shut off the X-box and get off the couch! There must be some business in your neighbourhood willing to let you work for nothing, and if not in your neighbourhood, at least within a couple of hours commute by city bus.

If you can't find a job working for free, you've no one to blame but yourself.

The think tank here at Falling Downs sincerely hopes that this foolishness, coming from one of the top guardians of our economy, will blow a fresh wind into the sails of the Red Square folks and all other like-minded youth.

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