Sunday, November 16, 2014

Canadian media chuffed over Harper's ultimatum to Putin

The Putin-haters are quite pleased with Canadian PM Harper's alleged snarky remark at the G20 in Brisbane.

As the story goes, Harper told Putin to get out of Ukraine, to which Putin supposedly replied "that would be impossible, since we're not in Ukraine."

The Toronto Star has the story as "Harper issued a blunt command to the Russian leader..."

The obvious retort to a blunt command from Harper would be, "or else what?" Or else Harper's gonna send the fabled Princess Pollyanna Regiment to Moscow to whup his ass?

Meanwhile over at the National Post, the flagship of the floundering Postmedia Network, unpaid intern Joe Brean begins his anti-Putin "analysis" with this howler, "Menace clouded the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin's arrival at the G20...", surely the most idiotic intro to a supposedly serious article since the moronic juvenilia that landed Cathal Kelly at the Globe and Mail.

Fact is, Putin is in the cross-hairs of the Beltway warmongers, and our mainstream media are doing what they can in the cheer-leading department. "News" be damned; we're in propaganda city with this stuff.

The US/NATO combine out-spends Russia on war toys by a factor of ten, but we are supposed to take seriously the assertion that it's the Russians who threaten world peace?

Harper's lapse of good manners in Brisbane paled in comparison to Obama's sanctimonious rant about a world in which big nations don't invade smaller ones. They don't? This comes from the President of the United States, a big country that has invaded or bombed at least a dozen smaller countries in the last twenty years or so. Russia's bloodless reclamation of Crimea can in no way be compared to the US/NATO campaigns of savagery unleashed on smaller countries from Libya to Afghanistan.

Yet, for some reason, Canadian journalists across the spectrum, from the left-leaning Star to the Thatcherite National Post, seem convinced that it is the West that holds the moral high ground.

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