Friday, November 7, 2014

Obama now in it to win it

That didn't take long; with his new crew of patriotic Republican cheerleaders goading him on from the Senate, the Peace Prize President wasted no time doubling the number of boots on the ground in Iraq.

These are of course "non-combat" boots, dontcha know. They won't be fighting till he doubles their numbers again in a month or two, or doubles them again a month or two after that.

It's early days on the slippery slope, folks!

So if they're not actually combating the evil-doers, what will all those boots be doing on the ground? The usual stuff... like directing traffic at those busy border crossings. ISIS infiltrators in this lane; car-bombers in this lane, FSA defectors in this lane, and so on.

Oh, and training up the locals, of course. That one's always been a head-scratcher if you ask me. The very idea that the military that hasn't won one since Grenada is your best bet to train anything seems a little back-assward. And haven't they already trained up the locals to the tune of tens of billions of dollars?

And for what?

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