Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Canada's Minister of Perpetual Indignation delivers stern scolding to Erdogan

The wily Erdogan, Turkish PM cum Pres, has been warned. While it may be tempting to dismiss the ever-condemnatory Baird as a lightweight on the world stage, it is a well known fact that the Canadians relentlessly talk above their weight.

The comments by Erdogan re: gender equality presumably drew the wrath of FM Baird because, as hundreds of DFA press releases bear witness, Canada is busier than busy saving women and girls all over the world, except of course on Canadian Indian reservations, but that's another story.

And Baird is obviously serious. Check this out;

“Canada notes with great concern the comments reportedly made today by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he appeared to call into question equality between women and men.
“Such remarks would run contrary to basic international human rights standards and international laws and conventions, as well as equality rights that are explicitly enshrined in, and protected by, the Turkish constitution.

Wow! Notice how Baird feints with "basic international rights standards," throws a couple of probing jabs with international rights and conventions, and then drives home the knock-out punch, hoisting Erdogan from the petard of his own constitution!
Brilliantly played, Mr. Baird! A truly stellar performance! Hopefully Erdogan will have many a sleepless night pondering the error of his ways.
But here's what I can't figure out; Baird likes to visit his pals in the Saudi royal family a couple of times a year, and NEVER do we hear a hint of opprobrium, a note of concern, or a stern scolding about their beheadings, their anti-queer culture, their anti-female laws, their generally repressive society that makes Turkey look like a hippie paradise... heck, even caveman Erdogan is OK with women driving cars!
As much as I admire Mr. Baird, I find his inconsistency disturbing.
You don't suppose this ten billion dollar defence contract between Canada and Saudi could be the cat that's got his tongue, do you?

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