Thursday, November 27, 2014

FHRITP and the renaissance of Western masculinity

Oh dear! It's not a pretty thing, this renaissance.

Apparently the metro-sexuals are out, and the boorish yobs are in.

I'd heard nothing of this "trend" until I read CBC reporter Chris O'Neill-Yates' sad tale of being abused by an aficionado of the FHRITP fad.

Nice job boys!

You're reclaiming the ground you lost during the last 50 years of the feminist dictatorship that you blame for the fact that you still live in your parents' basement.

Keep it up, and you'll soon be as manly as those mobs of men in Kenya who rip the clothes off women they deem "inappropriately" attired.

Or those manly macho men in Egypt who like to molest women in those demonstrations for democracy.

You may even achieve the super-hero status of your boorish misogynist brethren in India, who are empowering themselves by gang-raping vulnerable women on public transit!

What a sad and despicable spectacle.

Ms. O'Neill-Yates' article has attracted over 1200 comments as I write this. What is truly disturbing is how many commenters seem to think the problem lies with her "over-reaction."

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