Monday, November 24, 2014

Memo to Obama; get rid of Biden too!

It'll give you some breathing room.

Even though they may have done nothing other than push your agenda, this gives you a chance to start over.

And perhaps that's what you're in the middle of.

Re-setting the agenda.

Far be it for me to give the President advice, but while you're re-booting, maybe give some thought to fore-grounding (a big word I learned in sociology class) the interests of the American people.

As opposed to the interests of the lobbyists who have taken over Washington.

If you're ever going to give the people what they want and need, you'll have to shake off the health care lobby and give Americans single-payer universal health care. Stop hiding behind this bullshit about Americans wanting a choice between for-profit health-care providers who can only make their profits by denying health care to their policy-holders.

Americans want health care.

Americans want decent jobs.

Americans want peace.

Stop listening to lobbyists.

Start listening to the American people.

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